Because Zombies 1.1 Features thread!

Hey Everyone! As you may know, the 1.05 version of Because Zombies has been released. 1.05 was mostly focused on performance., but 1.1 will be a game-play update. there are a few things that you can look forward to: -A lot more tuning of item prices and damage amounts. -The ability to carry money forward […]

Blast From the Past!

Here is a nice little article written by Microsoft when I started there. My Mom was very excited about this:) Check it out here! The Article is pretty good at explaining why/how I got into game development.  

Welcome to DoubleSmoked Software!

Hey Everyone! I’m really happy to have finally set up the company web page! Now there is a central page for me to post all of the new stuff I’m working on:) Keep coming back to see all of the new stuff!   Ben